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Crime Scene Cleaning UK Ltd

Crime & trauma scene clean-up
Industrial accidents
Road Traffic accident’s (RTA’S)
Natural & accidental death
Transportation of diseased bodies
Viral & disease decontamination and removal
Blood removal & clean-up
DNA Cleaning
Forensic cleaning
Contaminated police / prison cell cleaning
Needle search, collection & disposal
Vehicle decontamination & disinfection
Removal of contaminated items from distressed properties
Interior painting & removal & replacement of contaminated floorboards
Boarding up of properties
Hygiene cleaning to toilet / shower areas
Deep cleaning kitchens
Clean-up of mercury spillages
Kennel cleaning
stable cleaning
Portable appliance testing
Laundry of contaminated clothing & bedding
Graffiti removal
Squat cleaning
Unsanitary residence cleaning
Void housing
Property decontamination
Flood / sewage cleaning
Waste removal
Bird dropping / animal fouling
Removal of Animal Carcasses
Mass Casualty Scene’s
Mortuary Cleaning
Medical Waste Transport
Removal & transport of deceased bodies.
Fire & Flood clean up
Police, Fire & Rescue & County Council Approved
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